Largest crocodyliform ever
Sarcosuchus imperator
12 metre(s)
不明な地域 ()

Sarcosuchus imperator was a prehistoric species of crocodile which lived around 110 million years ago. Recent fossilised remains found in the Sahara Desert suggest that this creature took around 50–60 years to grow to its full length of around 11–12 m (37–40 ft) and its maximum weight of around 8 tonnes. There are several species of giant prehistoric crocodile and, whereas the latest specimen of S. imperator is the largest ever found, it is still impossible to say which of the prehistoric species was actually the largest. Indeed, in February 2015 a research team headed by Dr Tito Aureliano published a paper containing a total length estimate of "around 12.5 m" for Brazil's prehistoric giant caiman Purussaurus brasiliensis from the late Miocene epoch, 8 million years ago. However, this estimate is not based upon any single complete or mostly complete skeleton, and other published estimates of total length attained by this species have ranged widely, from 10.3 m to 13 m.